venerdì 26 settembre 2008

Who is Ariel?

We're so proud to announce that tonight, 26th of September at 1.30 PM slt, we'll lauch our new collection of clothing and a wonderful and completely new skin line for woman...

The new skin line will be a bit different from the old ones. Each skin will include 6 different options: 3 eyebrow colours (Blonde, Brown and Black) each one with or without a beauty mark on the mouth's corner.
You will also find 5 different skin tones: Freckles, Light, Natural, Bronze and Dark, each one will come with 15 stunning different make-up.

The launch of the new collection will take place in a magical set, where our beautiful models will show you new Beauty Avatar's creation, compined with stunning Stiletto Moody Shoes.

During the show the mystery of Ariel will finally be revealed. You don't know who is Ariel? Take a look here

Come and find out...
See you at World of Beauty

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

*Beauty Avatar* Contest: August Winners

Hello beauties,
We are very pleased to announce the August winners of "Catch your Beauty Photo Contest"
But before we proclaim the winners I wanna thank all those who participated and submitted numerous photos also this month,
We appreciate very much all the effort and passion that you put in any work and what difficult is for us to choose only 3 winners!

And now...the winners are:

- 1st Place: DebbiePeddles Aabye

wins 5000L $ + 2 Beauty Avatar Skins + 1 Beauty Avatar Outfit / Dress

- 2nd Place: Temptation Enzo

wins 2000L $ + 1 Beauty Avatar Skin

- 3rd Place: Gillian Xie

wins 1000L $ + 1 Beauty Avatar Skin


And as usual many others photos were chosen to appear in our gallery at World of Beauty!
Come take a look, your photo could be among them

***Just a quick reminds to the rules, please read again because we changed something and added prizes***

1) Take a picture of you and/or someone else that wears AT LEAST one *Beauty Avatar* Item (Skins/Eyes/Clothes/Shoes)
2) Upload it on (you can create your account for free, if you don't have it yet)
3) Include in the description:
-the name and colour (or skin tone) of the items used
-the name of the photographer
-the name of the model(s)
4)Add the photo to *Beauty Avatar* Gallery Group on Flickr
5) Join *Beauty Avatar* updated group in-world
6) Add World of Beauty to your picks
(tp yourself to World of Beauty -> Open your profile ->Go to Picks Tab -> New -> Ok)
7) You must have the rights to use the photos you submit.

Each month, between all the photos selected to be displayed in our gallery at World of Beauty, we will choose 3 WINNERS that will be:
- Announced on our update group
- Announced on our blog
- Displayed in our store and gallery
and will win:
- 1St Place: 5.000L$ in cash + 2 Beauty Avatar Skins + 1 Beauty Avatar Outfit/Dress;
- 2nd Place: 2.000L$ in cash + 1 Beauty Avatar Skin;
- 3rd Place: 1.000L$ in cash + 1 Beauty Avatar Skin.

September Contest just started: CATCH YOUR BEAUTY!
Good Luck everyone! ;)