martedì 29 luglio 2008

*Beauty Avatar* Contest:July Winners

Hello everyone,
it's time to announce the winners of *Catch your Beauty Photo Contest* for July. As you can imagine it was not easy to choose, lots of beautiful and worthy of attention photos were submited to the pool, thanks to all those who participated!
The choice was difficult, so we decided to add another 2 winners.

Here they are:
1st place: STARLIGT MUNRO wins 5000L $ + 2 Beauty Avatar Skins + 1 Beauty Avatar Outfit / Dress
2nd place: ALEXA TREFOIL wins 2000L $ + 1 Beauty Avatar Skin
3rd Place: KYLA ZENOVKA wins 1000L $ + 1 Beauty Avatar Skin


But it doesn't end here, many more photos were chosen to appear in the gallery at World of Beauty, come to take a look if one of yours is among them

Congratulations to all, and remember that the contest is repeated every month, so the hunt to the winner of August is now open :)

giovedì 17 luglio 2008

*Beauty Avatar* MALICE Line and New Releases

What is MALICE?
MALICE is a new line from *Beauty Avatar*

Malice is a line of sexy lingerie for glam women. It comes in different colors and styles, and suitable for different types of situations, to experience the tastes of everyone.

Malice is also a fresh, young and colourful line of beachwear. In the pics 2 of the hottest bikini.

You can find the new collections in the new Malice Space at World of Beauty, on the 2nd floor of the female clothes side
and at Vanity Universe, at the Lingerie and Beachwear Expo!
Don't miss tonight at 1.30 PM slt, the Vanity Universe Swimwear Show by Nex-Core!

But it is not over yet, to remain on summer, released 3 new dresses: AVENTURA, CARIVILLE and APOCA. You can wear them during a party on the beach or simply to go shopping in a warm summer afternoon.

So, enjoy your summer and don't miss the new releases ;)
We look forward to see you at World of Beauty.