mercoledì 16 aprile 2008

Colours & Colours! It's SPRING!!! Yeahhh


Today is a sunny and hot day, that inspire me to post some of our new Spring - Summer 08 Release for Woman! ^_*

PINK - ORANGE - RED - YELLOW - BLUE - WHITE - GREEN and many more!
Are the colours that we used for this new Releases...

I wanna start with TOLOSA Outfit that you can see in the White version in the pic. I think it's sooo sexy and fresh at the same time

ROUEN, a jeans miniskirt and NIZZA a fresh but elegant shirt :D. Simply but useful!

AMAZZONIA is a fashion minijacket that I've mixed with KINGSTON jeans (in the pic in short and long destroyed version). Fashion and perfect for every occasion!

And the last but not the least: YOLO It's young and just looking the colours make feels happy.

See ya soon ^_^

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