lunedì 30 giugno 2008

*Beauty Avatar* CATCH YOUR BEAUTY Photo Contest

*Beauty Avatar* announces the opening of CATCH YOUR BEAUTY Photo Contest.

1) Take a picture of you and/or someone else that wears AT LEAST one *Beauty Avatar* Item (Skins/Eyes/Clothes/Shoes)
2) Upload it on (you can create your account for free, if you don't have it yet)
3) Include in the description:
-the name and colour (or skin tone) of the items used
-the name of the photographer
-the name of the model(s)
4)Add the photo to *Beauty Avatar* Gallery Group on Flickr
5) Join *Beauty Avatar* updated group in-world
6) You must have the rights to use the photos you submit.

Each month, between all the photos selected to be displayed in our gallery at World of Beauty, we will choose 1 PHOTO OF THE MONTH that will be:
- Announced on our update group
- Announced on our blog
- Displayed in our store and gallery
and will win:
- 5.000L$ in cash
- 2 Beauty Avatar Skin
- 1 Beauty Avatar Outfit/Dress

Beauty Avatar on Flickr:

In our gallery at World of Beauty you can also find 3 professional and free to use photo studios.

***Cacth you Beauty***

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