venerdì 26 settembre 2008

Who is Ariel?

We're so proud to announce that tonight, 26th of September at 1.30 PM slt, we'll lauch our new collection of clothing and a wonderful and completely new skin line for woman...

The new skin line will be a bit different from the old ones. Each skin will include 6 different options: 3 eyebrow colours (Blonde, Brown and Black) each one with or without a beauty mark on the mouth's corner.
You will also find 5 different skin tones: Freckles, Light, Natural, Bronze and Dark, each one will come with 15 stunning different make-up.

The launch of the new collection will take place in a magical set, where our beautiful models will show you new Beauty Avatar's creation, compined with stunning Stiletto Moody Shoes.

During the show the mystery of Ariel will finally be revealed. You don't know who is Ariel? Take a look here

Come and find out...
See you at World of Beauty

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